Administration of a Rectal Enema


The rectal route for administration of medication is used when the other routes are not appropriate.

    An enema is a liquid preparation of a medication designed for rectal administration.

      This route allows for faster absorption of the medication than via the oral route, with a reduction in side effects normally associated with oral administration and gastro-intestinal irritation.

        This route is both physically and psychosocially uncomfortable, so there is a need to clearly educate your client on what is going to happen prior to administration.

          This route is used for the administration of:

          – Laxatives for constipation and as a part of a bowel preparation regime

          – Analgesia

          – Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAID)

          – Antibiotics

            Clients that might utilise this route include:

            – Fasting

            – Pallative care

            – Spinal cord injured

              To complete this module you will require either a:

              – MIMS

              – Australian Handbook

              – Manufacturer’s guide

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