Application of Uridome


WARNING: This simulation contains nudity.

    Incontinence of urine is a relatively common problem that affects many people of all ages and both sexes.

      The management of incontinence depends on identifying the cause and treating any underlying conditions.

        Nursing care of a client with incontinence requires understanding, patience and awareness of the need to preserve dignity and self-esteem.

          A variety of products are available for managing incontinence. These have been designed to keep the incontinent client’s skin and clothing dry, and it is important that the client chooses the aids that are most suitable for them.

            A uridome is one type of aid. It is fitted over the penis and attached to a collection bag. Leg bags can be worn under normal clothing and provide the male incontinent client with greater freedom of mobility. This module enables you to view how a uridome and leg bag are used.

              The client’s skin needs to be assessed at least once a shift. A new condom catheter should be applied daily at a minimum. Do not proceed if the client has an erection. Check for allergies; if the client has a latex allergy, use a 100% silicone uridome.

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