Measurement of radial pulse and respirations (Trial Module)


Trial Module: this module is a shortened version for trial purposes only.

Respirations and pulse rates are performed as part of the skill set, vital signs.

Respirations: A nurse must use their sense of touch, sight and hearing to assess the rate, rhythm, depth and sound of clients respiration.

In a healthy adult normal respirations should be within the range of 11 – 20 breaths per minute.

Pulse: This skill is included when taking patients vital signs. A nurse or health care provider, must use their sense of touch to accurately count a pulse for sixty seconds, referred to as the pulse rate, and document this on the appropriate chart.

Whilst counting the pulse rate a nurse is also assessing the rhythm and volume of the pulse they are feeling.

Normal pulse rate in a healthy adult is between 60 and 100 bpm (beats per minute).

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