Administration of a Drug using a burette


The administration of Intravenous medication using a burette combines the skills and practices of Intravenous fluid administration and preparation of intravenous medications. This delivery mode is suited to the intermittent administration of intravenous medication requiring a longer period of delivery than a bolus administration. It can minimise damage to the persons veins resulting from irritating medications and limit potential toxicity from medications administered too quickly within the time constrain of nursing staff when the bolus method is used.

Assessment for signs of phlebitis, extravasation, infection and pain before, during and after intravenous administration it is vital to ensure the patency and viability of the vein.

All usual considerations around safe medication administration apply and additional efforts to prevent infection through the application of ANTT in the preparation and administration of the medication are required. Guidelines on correct dilution and administration practices specific to each medication must also be confirmed with either the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH) or the product information leaflet before preparation and administration.

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